Still in Nevis

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 25 Mar 2007 21:16
Dear Friends                    "17:09.0N 62:37.9W"
We have enjoyed a lazy week in Nevis, though our good luck with the fishing has continued...
We did also see a larger fish under the boat while we were snorkelling - a tarpon we understand and about 1.5m long and suitable to feed us and everyone else in the anchorage. Sadly it remains at large as I type ...!
We took a tour of the island - only 36 square miles of it - which included stopping to inspect several of the old Plantation Houses which are now very elegant hotels with rather interesting menus in the restaurants.
Our guide was "Teach" who unsurprisingly was previously a teacher. His Mum is a Carib Indian from the reserve in Dominica, where Teach was born and he lives here as he married a Nevisian girl. One of his daughters works for the UN in New York, which seems to prove that you can be whatever you want in this world, regardless of your circumstances or origins.
We also went on a rainforest hike - well a stroll really, but with a very knowledgeable guide who explained lots of stuff and taught us now to open coconuts. Actually George had a pretty good idea of how to get inside a coconut without any training, but went along with it anyway..
Apart from that we have managed remarkably little, but we're getting quite good at that now. Sunday afternoon here is accompanied by a 'Beach Party' which is quite loud enough from where we are out here on the yacht. Much like the Food Fair last weekend, loud music seems an integral part of any social occasion here......hmmm.
We did tick off a few chores here though - re-seating and sealing  several stanchion bases which had been abused at the hands of the spinnaker sheets and the pole. Also the navigators seat has been repaired and strengthened as it had failed to survive the repeated impact of the skipper's ample behind!
We'll be across to St Kitts in a day or two and will report further.
To sign off - a pic of us under a little tree in the rainforest, our guide called it a buttress fig. (the whole pic left to right is all one tree, with a hole behind Michael)
Best wishes
George & Michael