Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Mon 23 Oct 2006 17:19
Hello Friends
... and over to our guest writer.....

Heading off towards Lagos before sunrise to catch the favourable wind was the intention; however we met disturbed seas and unforeseen winds, much to the delight of everyone’s stomachs. The passage took six hours with a couple of showers on the way which was to set the precedent for the rest of the week.


The bridge over the marina entrance opened to allow Blue Sky through, we moored on a finger berth and started to make preparations for the Radar / Plotter to be fixed. Laundry was done, decks were oiled and stainless steel was polished followed by a swift pint (500ml now we’re in Europe) at the South Bar.


Lagos town is pleasant with narrow paved roads lined with Cafés and little shops. Thunder and rain has kept the crew mostly down below decks passing the time watching DVDs and eating popcorn.



Barnie hears the sound of live music coming from nearby so he and Ben head down towards the Marina facilities to investigate. Michael hears a couple of Pink Floyd numbers and is convinced Ben has stepped up to play so he follows soon after to see him perform. Unfortunately it is only coincidence that the guitarist has played some Floydian hits, but conversation is made with three fellow seamen / seawomen which makes for a good (and very late) night.


We are still held up in Lagos for repairs to the navigation systems, although the wind is unfavourably from the South meaning we would be unlikely to depart for the Atlantic Islands anyway.


Best wishes,


From your guest editor and crew member Barnie and the rest of the team on Blue Sky



Editor's notes :
The radar packed up on the way over to Faro, for no obvious reason and the techies in Lagos say that it's the plotter that's failed.It's now in Lisbon at the Raymarine dealer for Portugal and we await news...
We have been busying ourselves with tasks and practicing splicing and knots. Here is Barnie's work, as modelled by the full team ...
Best Wishes
G & M