Tobago Cays

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Fri 20 Jul 2007 22:45
Dear Friends                            "12:38.25N 61:21.15W"
Blue Sky is suspended on a clear, clear turquoise sea, under blue skies with fluffy white clouds, surrounded by palm fringed islets and shimmering white coral beaches.
We are in the Tobago Cays - the ultimate destination for the cruising yacht.
Snorkelling on the fringing reef, either direct from the yacht or after a short dinghy ride is truly amazing. Fish of all conceivable colours are unafraid of the swimmer and you drift through channels in the coral and watch this amazing other world,
Parrot fish which have strong beaks to bite the coral but whose colour scheme is decidedly psychedelic - all blues, greens, pinks. Tiny fish which are dark with iridescent blue spots and big (ish) fish with coloured outlines. Curious, ugly triangular fish, just black & white spots. Pale fish with yellow stripes, blue and gold fish, red ones - anything you can imagine. Oh, and turtles too...
Karla returned from snorkelling and said "I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life!" ... So this is probably a good time to hand over to our guest bloggers!
Andreas:    Since my last time on Blue Sky in June 2006 I checked the blog regularly to see what Michael and George were up to. A couple of months ago I received a mail from them with an invitation to come and sail in the Caribbean along with a friend. Now I find myself here in Tobago Cays which is without doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life, together with my girlfriend Karla.
I don't like to have too many expectations before going on any trip but inevitably one always has some. I expected to see a few colonial buildings and beaches with coconut palmtrees with white sand and transparent water. I haven't seen that many colonial buildings but we have seen many other things.
Karla:    For the first time I have travelled outside Europe and I've quite noticed that too. What a big difference concerning nature, way of life, economy etc., at least if I compare it with Holland. But although the people aren't that rich, they don't seem to need that much either. What else do you desire if you have all the fresh food that you can imagine, a nature so unspoiled and beautiful and only friendly people around?! The typical image that I had of the Caribbean before I came here appears to be not that different than reality.
Sailing isn't quite yet my favorite timespending ;-), but I'm very happy that I have had the possibility to experience all this.
And for the last time I'm going to say George&Michael what we all learned from the Jamaica man/coconut man: It's all about love, peace, foreverness and togethernessss.... hahahaha
Some highlights from the last 3 weeks were the fish fest in the fishing village of Anse la Raye, St Lucia, the Mesopotamia valley in St Vincent, the fruit market and Princes Margaret Beach at Bequia and last but certainly not least the Beautiful Tobago Cays.
We will certainly miss all this along with Georges fresh fruit breakfast and nice food which even this year managed to make us gain some weight, luckily for Andreas, unfortunately for Karla ;-).
[Andreas did buy an underwater camera in Bequia, but it takes film so it will need to go back to Europe to be developed and digitised. Then you can have some pics of the actual fish. Watch this space.]
Best Wishes
George, Michael, Karla & Andreas