Hurricane Dean

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Tue 14 Aug 2007 13:10
Dear Friends                            "12:27.5N 61:29.4W"
Well, that got your attention didn't it? We've been watching this storm coming since last Saturday when it was SSE of the Cape Verdes (off Africa !). It's now about half way across the Atlantic, heading due West to us... but the forecasters reckon it will swerve to the N a bit and go through Antigua. As it has been building all the way across the Atlantic, they reckon it could be quite a big one. (Thanks to National Hurricane Centre in Florida for their 6 hourly email updates.)
Anyway the forecast is only best guess and it could just as easily trash Grenada again like Ivan in 2004.
So we're off to the south coast of Grenada today, which we planned to do anyway for Carnival at the weekend (presumably hurricanes permitting). If Dean doesn't start moving N as predicted we will then go south to Trinidad which is only about an 80 mile run.

Not the usual historical blog, but we're preoccupied with the weather at the moment so you may as well know what we're up to.
In fact we had a wake up call last Friday evening when an unforecast storm came through and gave us 40 knot winds with 50 knot gusts. The storm also came upon us with about 3 minutes warning. We were fine with the anchor well set and about 30m chain in the water in 6.5m depth (you wanted the tech note Barny!) but the yacht in front of us dragged - fortunately to our port side though we were watching closely with the engine running. Sadly he re-anchored straight in front of us again on Saturday morning, so I gave him a look and moved out of the way. Judging by the VHF, the storm caused a certain amount of entertainment and disruption to Friday dinner.

Not a lot else to report this week other than the fact that we're reading a lot and an underwater camera would be good so we can show you the coral formations and the fantastic fish. Maybe we'll be able to buy one in Grenada.
Meanwhile, a little competition... can you identify this...?
(just the thing on top of the old water pump). If anyone gets it right we'll think of a prize.
Anyway, we can't sit here blogging all day - must have some breakfast and then off to Grenada. With the present winds and forecast, it should be a good sail.
Lastly, a weather related pic from this anchorage.
Best Wishes
George & Michael