Are We Nearly There Yet ?

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Tue 12 Dec 2006 15:40
Hello Friends                                                        ""17:03N 56:03W"
The winds are gently lightening as forecast, so we're slaloming our way over the last few miles with our sky blue spinnaker (the reserve) flying all day and night.
We completed another milestone yesterday - 10,000 miles on the Blue Sky log, not bad for 20 months sailing including being tied up last Winter and in a shed for 6 weeks in the Spring.
Not too much else to report, so we'll have another crew profile ....
Number Three
Barnie Proctor
Barnie is making the most of his gap year and doing something a little different from than the usual hike round south east Asia. His family have a Hunter 707 and he  has sailed on that and other boats since he was a nipper, including several seasons' racing. He joined Blue Sky in Gibraltar in early October.
He's tolerated his obvious title of Cabin Boy with, er, mainly good humour.... Probably the cleanest crew member on board, he was most stressed when we had a water conservation period in mid-Atlantic until we fitted the bubble trap to the watermaker. Without fresh water showers, everyone else just got slowly stinkier, but Barnie was worried!
This may be connected with his ability to attract rain - he has developed an uncanny knack of being on watch when squalls pass through, drenching him and providing Blue Sky with a nice clean deck.
Barnie has high hopes of studying Psychology at any University brave enough to take him on! He's going to spend the remainder of his gap year exploring the Caribbean and doing a lot of market research into the Rum business...
Barnie's message to the world : "Watch our for Squalls, beware of Killer Whales and remember that Happy Hour is the most important hour of the day."
and a photo of Barnie nearest camera and the rest of the crew doing evening sail manoeuvres at sundown ...
Best Wishes
George, Michael and the crew