Pacific Yoyage - Day 1

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Mon 8 Feb 2010 16:55
Hello Friends            "8:52.1N 85:36.2W"
We departed Golfito as planned and sailed out gently to anchor in the Golfo Dulce so that we could clean the hull of barnacles and weed and stow the tender and outboard. Fortunately the new 18 hp outboard - just - fitted in the chosen locker and was wedged in tight  and the tender itself was tied down securely on the foredeck without spoiling the view too much.
After breakfast on Sunday morning, we decided that it was about time to go, so just picked up the anchor and motored out as the wind was starting to get up.
And we're pleased to report that the first day of our long voyage to French Polynesia has gone much better than expected. Firstly the wind has been great for most of the time - quite contrary to what was forecast - and we've made about 140 miles in the first day's sailing which includes some hours spent tootling along at only 3 or 4 knots.
And at the close of the light yesterday, our investment in fishing gear finally came up a winner with the successful landing of a huge mahi mahi. This little fella fought like crazy and measured 50 inches (1.27m) to the tip of his tail, though we didn't weigh him.
Mahi mahi (dorado), are golden when first landed (see blog 7 April 2009) and perform spectacular colour changes whilst dying. this one turned turquoise blue at one stage.
This is an un-retouched close up of the turquoise stage...
So delicious mahi mahi for our first supper at sea and the chef has requested no more fishing as there is little space in the freezer after adding 25 large portions of mahi.
We've now picked up the 'papagayo' NE gap winds which blow across the Central American isthmus at certain points and we're heading about 290 deg at a comfortable 6 knots.
According to the instruments, we've got 3,500 miles to go. All well on board.
Best Wishes
George, Michael, Alex and Simon.