Monsters of the Deep !

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Wed 2 May 2007 23:22
Hello Friends                                    "16:48.07N 62:12.43W"
We have some catches to report so we thought we'd add another blog already.
Firstly, credit where it's due - here is Marco celebrating the capture of a real live lobster off the seabed. OK it may be rather a small one, but it's a very good start and formed part of one of George's risottos later that day.
That was caught in Ballast Bay,  St Kitts - our favourite type of anchorage with lots of wind to keep the power up and a flat sea for a good night's sleep. George and Michael has a walk around some salt lagoons for several miles, seeing many feral goats and cattle, which have eaten southern St Kitts pretty bare. Also 3 monkeys sighted crossing the path in front of us.
We spent a few days in Nevis again but the weather was not suitable for a crack at Nevis Peak as the top is very frequently covered in cloud.
As the wind was fresh easterly, we decided to have a look at Montserrat where we are now. We had a great brisk sail across in 4 tacks, coming close to Redonda which we think should be twinned with Rockall for obvious reasons...
All in, a good trash upwind, averaging 7.3 knots to arrive in good light in Little Bay, Montserrat.
Now as you all know, Montserrat is an active volcano, or at least the southern half is. The type of lava here is very viscous and just piles up into a huge dome which eventually becomes unstable and has violent collapses and pyroclastic flows. At the moment the lava dome is getting slowly bigger and is now nearly as big as it's ever been, so a big incident is expected sometime this year. You can see the steam escapes from the side of the volcano. The top of the dome is covered in cloud and steam.
Little Bay - the name says it all - is the one and only working harbour here and it is tiny. All the island's trade comes through here, so the practical difficulties are considerable. We've just moved the anchorage slightly as a big freighter is expected later this evening and needs most of the space to manoeuvre.
Marco went snorkelling again and Terry the Turtle decided to come back to the boat with him for a photo call...
OK, all together now - Aaahhh !
I hasten to add that Terry decided to return safely to his bay shortly after the photo session. I'm sure turtles must be protected but there are loads of them in the islands here - we see them in most bays, even in town anchorages.
That's all for now, probably off for a quick run to Guadeloupe tomorrow so that Marco can have a look at Les Saintes where we spent Christmas and New Year.
Best Wishes
George & Michael