Watch Out !

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Mon 11 Dec 2006 13:53
Hello Friends                                                "16:49N 53:12W"
Welcome to the Blog again. An uneventful 24 hours apart from the second rather sleep deprived night in a row as the light winds combined with tropical heat and lumpy seas made for fitful sleeping for those off watch.
which brings me to the Watch System
We have settled on 5 x 3 hour watches, George & Michael sharing a watch since George is often cooking and Michael claims skipper's privilege. Five watches also makes it easy to know that you have 12 hours off before the next stint.
We have named the watches.....
The Rhino - midnight to 0300 - and in many respects the nastiest as you can't really settle into sleep knowing that you will be woken at midnight.
The Dog - (aka Dutchhound) 0300 to 0600 - let's face it, who wants to start a watch in the middle of the night? Unfortunately Ruud had 3 of these in a row when we experimented with 2 hour watches...
The Dawn - not at all a bad watch as the dawn is usually pleasant to see. Ben's favourite.
Breakfast - obviously, followed by - Lunch - not surprisingly at lunchtime.
The Scone - afternoon watch from 1500 to 1800 - generally featuring afternoon tea, occasionally with freshly baked scones if the chef can be bothered (probably not today as he's been busy baking fresh bread) and culminating in the end of day sail change.
Happy Hour - (aka Cocktails) for reasons which will be apparent to those who know the team, the hour change is always within this watch in order to extend Happy Hour as much as possible.
The Brandy Watch - as the officer in charge watches over the close of another good day's sailing and the grunts of the crew as they drift off to sleep with full stomachs.
and we're now less than 500 miles to go......
Best Wishes
George, Michael and the crew