Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sat 17 Mar 2007 15:58
Dear Friends                        "17:09.0N 62:37.9W"
We have moved on from Antigua, but before we talk about the new island, a brief retrospective... Antigua is a curious place:
There a hundreds of millions of pounds worth of megayachts moored there but the technical service businesses operate out of containers and wooden sheds.
The whole island is remarkably undeveloped and large sections of apparently desirable coast are just empty with no property at all.
Fruit and veg. are expensive, but there is little agriculture despite plenty of suitable land in the middle of the island. - This was apparently part of the intention of the previous administration which believed agriculture somewhat infradig and wanted everyone to be office workers ..!
Maybe the new administration, which has bold modernisation plans, will succeed and bring more wealth to the island and to the ordinary Antiguan.

But now we're in Nevis, another volcano
Though you can see most of the mountain in this pic. the clouds sometimes cling to the sides like snow, leading Columbus to name the island "Nuestra Senora del las Nieves" (Our Lady of the Snows) from which the current name derives.
The capital, Charlestown has a pleasant and distinct character and the locals are welcoming to yachties. We will be going ashore shortly to inspect a "Cultural Fair" this afternoon. Mainly a food fair we understand.
The anchorage - off a long beach on the W side - is a bit rolly, but the beach is well stocked with good beach bars under the palm trees. We spent a VERY comfortable hour there yesterday, sipping drinks on the beach and watching the sunset.
This morning we were just minding our own business eating breakfast in the cockpit when we noticed a baby turtle swimming around behind us inspecting the tender.
I know it's difficult to see clearly, but it's a turtle about a foot across.
We hope to check out Nevis more over the next week and will report further in due course.
Best Wishes
George & Michael