Last week for Quiz Answers !

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 23 Sep 2007 14:48
Dear Friends                        "12:27.3N 61:29.3W"
We've already had several sets of Quiz answers and initial results are very promising; but we won't say any more at this stage.
We're up in Carriacou again, just for a jolly this time - we thought we'd sail up to Bequia this week for a bit of fun. Our journey up from Grenada yesterday was a little boring - hardly any wind. One might reasonably have expected a decent breeze in the middle of the hurricane season.... however, we were compensated by the landing of two very satisfactory fish. The first a tuna and shortly afterwards a barracuda,
note Michael hanging on to the thing with welding gloves, though we suspect its teeth would have gone straight through the glove if we'd been careless. Curiously for such a mean looking fish, it didn't put up all that much of a fight.
We haven't been all that busy we must admit, but one of the highlights was Friday night at the Tiki bar in Prickly Bay. Cold beer, excellent italian pizza and a great band playing. The only problem is deciding to round the evening off with a nice glass of rum and then wondering whether that was a good idea the following morning.
We're just off to Sandy Island for a swim and snorkel so we won't distract you with a long blog this week.
One more week to go and we'll publish names of the Winner and runners up and all the correct answers on Monday. We are having a haul out on 1st October to have the antifouling done again (basically, we was robbed !!) so we'll do the next blog from our beach cottage on Monday afternoon Lima.
Have a good week until then and Good Luck!
George & Michael