100 Degrees West

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Mon 15 Feb 2010 23:15
Hello Friends                    "9:30.1N 100:16.6W"   
Not much to report other than the fact that we're more than 100 degrees west by now.
We've been fishing, but had no success today. Yesterday we caught a booby by accident - they dive for the trailing plastic squid. We hauled the poor bird in as it surfed across the surface and it sat really surprisingly still as I removed the fishing hook from its back. I sent it off with instructions to bathe the wound regularly in salt water and off it flew, seemingly none the worse for its misadventure.
Yesterday George made a great corned beef hash for supper, accompanied by green beans and a sort of delicious sweet potato called 'edo' or 'tanya' or 'yautia' according to where you are. The chef even made a rather delicious dessert and all was washed down with a bottle of red wine.
With very stable conditions, the spinnaker was flown all night and we plan to keep it up tonight as well.
Surprisingly we're still seeing tuna fishing boats from the Panana fleet despite being more than 1200 miles from Panama. One went past this morning and hailed us on the VHF for no other reason than curiosity.
Not much else to report - lots of sea and sky to look at !
Best Wishes
George, Michael, Alex and Simon