Postcard from Gibraltar

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sat 10 Jun 2006 17:03
Hello Friends
We're now in Gib and enjoying the heat whilst hearing the sounds of enthusiastic watching of a football match ..... all over town!
and just to prove it, George (squinting into the afternoon sun)
Getting to Faro took a little longer than expected as the easterly was a little fresh and Andreas was seasick, so we anchored in Portimao overnight & carried on the next day. The anchorage in Faro was good (indeed the only option as the marinas in Faro & Olhau were not suitable) We nipped in to Olhau for a few hours at high tide and borrowed a marina berth to dispose of our trash and shop in the excellent market, then returned to our anchorage before being chased off.
Great swimming in the sheltered lagoon and Andy entertained us with walking the plank (see main website for video).
We then motorsailed to Cadiz and then on to Gib, the winds being less than required for reasonable sailing. We completely failed to catch tuna despite the locals obviously catching loads, but we did see Killer Whales only 20 metres from the boat! We suppose that they too were after the tuna: sadly no photos, but it certainly got everyone on deck to watch.
We'll be in Gib for a few days awaiting the passing of an easterly gale before we venture out, probably on Tuesday.
And lastly a sunrise and sunset - you see great ones at sea...
sunrise over Ilhas Berlengas, 50 miles NW of Lisbon, having sailed overnight
and sunset over Cabo Sao Vicente, where we spent a night at anchor
Best wishes
George & Michael