Ilet a Cabrit (yet again...)

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Thu 15 Jan 2009 20:36
Hello Friends                                    "15:52.47N 61:35.81W"
and a very Happy New Year to All, we hope you all enjoyed the Holidays.
We enjoyed our Christmas in Martinique and of course the improved shopping and provisioning offered there. We were comfortable there despite some rather frisky weather with 25-30 knot winds for several days; so we took the opportunity for a spot of stronger wind practice and had some pleasant if slightly bumpy sailing around Diamond Rock.
And for those who appreciate the details, 3 reefs in the main and just a postage stamp of genny with the lead car well forward as visible here; 25-35 knots apparent and mainly 7 to 8 knots sailing.
When things settled down a bit we sailed directly up to Les Saintes in and we've been hanging around in Les Saintes and Guadeloupe for a couple of weeks. We used up our remaining credit in Bas du Fort marina (where we made landfall after our transat) and dealt with a few chores and cleaning.
We celebrated Alex's 19th birthday with an exploration of Basse Terre (the western wing of the butterfly which is Guadeloupe) including a banana plantation tour and a hike to 'Les Chutes du Carbet' of which this fine specimen below is the middle of three falls... and finishing up with dinner in one of our favourite restaurants.
(sorry for consecutive waterfall pics in the blogs, but this was a good one)
If any readers visit Guadeloupe the falls are well worth visiting with a variety of excellent (EU funded !) trails through the rich rainforest and even up to the top of the Soufriere volcano for the more energetic.
We've been sitting out another spot of fresh weather here in Les Saintes and Alex has been snorkelling the wreck of a ferry in the Bourg, which sank a couple of years ago. Just like 'Titanic' eh?
Anyway, the weather is now settling down again so we'll be up to Pigeon Island and the Cousteau Reserve tomorrow and then Antigua in a couple of days.
Best wishes
George, Michael and Alex