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Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Thu 6 Sep 2007 18:54
Hello Friends                        "12:00.1N 61:44.1W"
Sorry for waiting 2 weeks since the last blog - we've been quietly celebrating 25 years of togetherness, so we thought we'd allow ourselves a little break.
We're still in Grenada and haven't really moved very much since the last blog, but we have had 2 island tours and 2 hurricanes, so we can't complain. Felix came up out very suddenly and went over Grenada whilst still a Tropical Storm (ie. not up to hurricane strength) but there was warning the day before so everyone was prepared. We were in a very comfortable anchorage (where we still are) - we managed about 50 knots of wind which is fairly fresh.
Grenada is a very beautiful, interesting and friendly island: we'll probably do more land-side tours later.
Well, no one guessed that the mystery photos (last 2 blogs) were a CASHEW NUT. The photos were upside down from the way the nut hangs on the tree: normally the 'cashew plum' is uppermost and attached to the branch with the actual nut below it. We did also turn the actual nut so you couldn't see the curve, but ... 'Must Try Harder' has to be the verdict.
So we reckon you all need a little motivation for the next quiz. Since we're in celebratory mood and would be happy to have you come out and see us, there are prizes...
RULES - This quiz is open to friends and family only, since the first prize is two weeks sailing with us in the Caribbean - including flight. We'll have a couple of runner up prizes too - say a case of champagne (6 bots) each. Each person is allowed only one answer (so potentially several answers per household...) and all answers must be in by the end of the September. (Any questions on rules by 15th Sept latest.) We'll publish the winners' names and correct answers at the start of October.
The Silver Quiz
as text questions can easily be researched on the internet these days, the quiz is mostly pictorial and we took all the photos in the last 9 months. Questions relate to the picture underneath the question text. Just provide a simple answer, we don't know the latin names for all this stuff, just the ordinary local names.
Question 1
Where was this pic taken ? (no points for on board Blue Sky !! - we're talking geography here.) Some of the data is misleading, so do your research carefully...
Question 2
Identify this bird which is perched on our pulpit (and has an unfortunate habit of poo-ing over the bow).
Question 3
Where was this photo taken and what makes it unusual ?
Question 4
At the risk of being repetitive, where is this photo? We need the actual island here.
Question 5
Another identification pic - where is this and and what movie made this location famous? (Oops, we're giving clues already.)
Question Six
What seed / nut / fruit is this ? What is the story of its presence here in the Caribbean ?
Question 7
What is this ?
Question 8
Where is this ?
Question 9
Please identify this bird and explain in what characteristic is it the most extreme.
Question 10
What the heck is this ?
Question 11
Please identify this ... er... thing.
Question 12
And what on earth is this odd thing which looks a bit like a weird mushroom, but isn't ?
Question 13
This is not an avocado, but what is it and what is it normally used for ? (a couple of possible answers on the usage, which is a clue in itself !)
Question 14
Please identify this fruit. (OK so we've told you it's a fruit to make it easy...)
Question 15
Please identify this tree / bush / shrub / herb ?
Question 16
A nice easy identification to finish off the pictures .... any ideas ?
Question 17
not so much a question as a tie-breaker (will anyone get full marks we wonder ?) and a bit of fun.
"I want to come sailing with George and Michael in the Caribbean because..........."
Please complete as you see fit - extra marks for wit and general hilarity; you don't need to be polite (as if) but disqualification is possible for unprintable answers as this is a family blog and we want to publish the answers in due course.
So we hope you all have some fun with that and don't get into too much trouble with your better half or boss for wasting too much time. We left out the impossible pictures and you know where we are and what we've been doing, so you have lots of clues.
Good Luck !
George & Michael