Heading North Again

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Thu 6 Dec 2007 12:49
Hello Friends                            "14:28.1N 60:52.1W"
The Hurricane Season officially ended last Friday as November came to a close and we're now free of our Hurricane Season limitations (not North of St Lucia). Thankfully 2007 was a gentle year for hurricanes.
We ended up with quite a party in Bequia: we were initially anchored next to 'Kelp Fiction'. The following day  'Lucky Dog' anchored nearby and a day or two later 'Esprit' came up from the Tobago Cays. Swimming, snorkelling, afternoons on the beach and fun and noisy dinners followed.
But after a while, we decided to head north anyway and sailed up to Cumberland Bay on the W side of St Vincent. Cumberland Bay is pretty rural and completely unspoilt as yet. There are a handful of shacks which might be considered bars and cafes, though they are really very basic. The pricing of fruit sold to the boat has not suffered the effects of tourism and everything is good value as there is not a 'special price' for the visitors.
This is Cumberland Bay from the overlooking village to the North, Blue Sky is anchored alone on the right of the bay.
We were asked by one of the locals if we'd help signwrite the front of his premises and always up for a laugh, we obliged - pictures tell the story best...
As we finished up on Sunday afternoon we were contemplating the need for a fish logo to finish off the sign. George persuaded a passer-by who just happened to be a trained artist and he helped us with the logo. The rest of the afternoon passed in a haze!
Other entertainments included the local fishing fleet where again a photo best tells the story:
(OK, I know the net has a gap in it but it's a composite of two photos and the software didn't match it up exactly.) Blue Sky is on right of pic. Sadly they did not appear to catch very much despite their efforts.
After St Vincent we passed by St Lucia fairly quickly, just stopping overnight in Rodney Bay before continuing on to Martinique. We're now in the marina at Marin towards the S of Martinique where we'll do a spot of boat cleaning and probably hire a car for sightseeing and stocking up Blue Sky with our favourite French provisions.
That's it for now.
Best Wishes
George, Michael and James.