Moby Dick !

Blue Sky's Voyage
George & Michael
Sun 10 Dec 2006 12:30
Hello Friends                                            "17:35.5N 50:23.7W"
                                                                Antigua 650 miles
Pic says it all - white whale swimming alongside, about 4 metres from our starboard quarter.
Ditto - note guardrail in bottom right of shot, indicating proximity.
Size of this whale - 7 to 8 metres, photos taken from starboard shrouds.
As we've changed course quite a bit in the night and we still have whales with us, we assume that they are either very friendly or there are an awful lot of them in the ocean.
We think they are not killer whales - they have dark top, pale undersides, some have white fins, curved dorsal fin 400 to 500 mm long. Surfaces rarely, does not blow prominently, though one startled Arthur in the night by blowing right next to him, loves surfing down inside the waves. Probably hundreds of them. Any suggestions bloggers ?
Best Wishes from an excited ...
George, Michael and the Crew