Banana...... ramblings

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Mon 15 Jul 2019 07:02
“47:23.927N 18:01.260W”
When we set out on the great blue yonder on our longer voyages there are several significant stages of the passage. 
The first 24 hours of ‘stressing’ stage about the what if’s (what if we have gear failure, what if one of us is taken ill etc).
The ‘there’s no going back’ stage occurs also early in the voyage as it would be near impossible to get back easily against prevailing wind or current.
The ‘halfway there’ stage, the most relaxed part of the trip when you can start to have enjoyable thoughts about what you are going to do (mainly involves drinking beer) when you get there.
The ‘land ahoy stage’ that after the initial euphoria is followed by an additional stage of ‘stressing’ about the what, where’s and when of making a safe landfall on an unfamiliar coast especially in poor weather.
Today we have reached the ‘what NO bananas left!!!’ stage, sad isn’t it.