Great Sale Cay

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Wed 28 Mar 2018 22:32
“26:58.741N 78:12.884W”
After getting up early (4am) to head out towards the US an early morning review of the weather data with our first cuppa suggested we were in for a rough ride so instead of opting for the sensible option of staying put and going back to bed we took the breeze for a glorious sail to Great Sale Cay instead of America.  I know we have to leave the Bahamas one day but it didn’t have to be today! 
We saw no other traffic en route although a couple of yachts have now pulled into the anchorage for the night.  The sea here is a beautiful bright very pale blue.....almost white, stunning.
On the way across a strange thumping sound developed underneath the aft cabin, almost as though somebody was banging on the hull underneath the boat.  Nothing appeared to be mechanically wrong so we pressed on.  After dropping the anchor we lowered the dinghy and with a GoPro camera tapped to the long boat hook we were able to see underwater the evidence of a rope or plastic bag that must have fouled the propeller and in the turbulent water under the boat had scrubbed away a large patch our boat’s underwater garden of barnacles as it had bashed against on the hull.