Los Morros

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Fri 15 Jan 2016 19:15
Los Morros lies in a crook at the western tip of Cuba.......there is nothing around here for many miles except the tropical vegetation, tiny little bats and the odd crocodile.
The “Marina” is a concrete pier that is totally exposed to any wind from the NW to the SE.  When we arrived the wind was in the E and as we moored Moonstone we were soaked by waves breaking across the pier.  This morning the wind had moved into the SW and before dawn we had to move Moonstone to the other side of the pier to stop ourselves being pinned on.   We have been told by the harbour master that if the wind moves into the N we will have to cast off and anchor in the mangroves about 6 NM away.
There is a little restaurant with four tables.  Although the menu listed appetisers and vegetables.....they weren’t available, only the salad.....of green tomato and cucumber.   There were three fish dishes, grilled, fried or boiled also a chicken breast dish and pork.  Claire had the chicken “breast” but it was just dark leg meat.  There was no wine but any number of cocktails based on rum, also Cuban coffee is excellent! From the restaurant ceiling hung the tattered and faded remnants of yachts flags and ensigns from around the world and we of course will donate one of our old club flags to their collection.  
We are the only boat here and when I questioned the harbour master he proudly showed me his records that indicated yachts visiting on about four occasions each month.
But we can’t really complain, it is peaceful, friendly and the sea is warm and blue.