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Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Sat 11 Oct 2014 03:49
On our way back to Trinidad.
Whilst heading to Tobago we noticed one of the slides that attached the mainsail to the mast had broken.....on closer inspection three out ten were broken!  They must have broken during our abandoned run to Guyana.
Fortunately we located some new ones back in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.  So we tried to arrange them to be delivered by post for collection at the local post office.   No that wasn’t possible, they would be delivered to Tobago but we would have to collect them from another post office on the other side of the island (interestingly we tried to buy some stamps at the post office to mail our postcards but they’d sold out and were unsure when they’d have some more).
So the local artist who had sold us his postcards kindly agreed to receive our parcel for us.  We emailed the chandlers in Trinidad but they couldn’t take payment by credit card payments over the phone.  We would have to send scanned copies of the card, my id and my signature and then they weren’t very convincing that they would post the parcel any day soon..........so here we are quietly making an 180 mile round trip to pick up a few bits of plastic!  Having said that today we are having magnificent sail in near perfect conditions so we are not really complaining.
Also the petrol station in Charlotteville had run out of petrol....... don’t worry, I was told by a local, it will probably arrive before the weekend but if not it’ll be there sometime next week – well this is the Caribbean so what’s the rush!