Bahia Honda

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Fri 8 Jan 2016 21:39
“22:58.26N 83:09.65W”
Tonight we are taking a rest stop at Bahia Honda some 50NM west of Havana.  We are anchored off a rickety Guarda Frontera’s outpost and expecting them to visit us in order to inspect our despacho so we have a couple of cold beers in the fridge ready for their arrival.
Unfortunately the bay isn’t very attractive due to the activities of a ship breaking yard but if you look the other way the scenery is quite spectacular.
We were planning to make a single passage to the western end of Cuba but the weather situation looks complicated.  In the last few days we have experienced some severe tropical storms and the Bahamas experienced wind gusts of over 100 knots, so we are playing it safe and making short day hops along this reef infested coast.