Pelican Cay

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Tue 19 Feb 2019 00:16
“25:17.081N 76:20.350W”
We spent an extra night in the Royal Island Harbour after the windlass groaned and decided to take a holiday. Several hours with test meters, screwdrivers and spanners revealed a problem with its motor. Its brushes were all gummed up and after dismantling it a liberal dose of acetone quickly cleared the problem and bingo we have an electric windlass again.
None of this mattered much as the wind had also failed to cooperate and make our journey south any easier so another day on the hook was reasonably restful, especially as we enjoyed sundowners on “Groovin” with Elizabeth and Chris from Toronto.
This morning we made an early start to passage through the aptly named Current Cut, a narrow channel on the NW side of Eleuthera so named for its ferocious tides that run up to 6 knots.  The wind still wasn’t playing ball so we anchored off Rainbow Cay for lunch and a doze but the swell rolling into anchorage suggested we would be better in Pelican Cay for the night......aptly named as a squadron of pelicans made a ‘fly-by’ at sunset.