Tarrafal, Cap Verde

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Wed 19 Mar 2014 18:11

The overnight trip from Palmeira to Ilha do Sao Nicolau was uneventful although we had 20 knots of wind most of the way and an uncomfortable following sea on our quarter that made us very rolly. We anchored outside the tiny harbour at Tarrafal this morning, had a short sleep and went ashore to present our papers to Policia Maritima.

We are learning fast about the antics of the boat boys who hang about the dock ready to take the dinghy’s painter and guard it while you go ashore – but there’s a price and they’ll take advantage given half a chance.  I’m afraid we are going to need to be firmer although it won’t be easy as they are so young and poor.  The currency here is Cape Verde Escudos and the exchange rate is linked to the Euro.  The local shops are willing to take Euros or Escudos and are very adept at squeezing 10% commission out of you.

The island looks spectacular, very rugged with deep ravines.  Tomorrow we’ll take a ride on the back of an ‘aluger’, a cross between a minibus, taxi and pickup and share the ride with the locals up to the islands capital in the hills.