After a tough passage we find real Cuba

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Sun 17 Jan 2016 22:40
“21:53.300N 82:48.046W”
Last night’s passage around to the coast of Isla Juventad turned into a wild bucking bronco ride!  Because of the big sea we didn’t get any sleep and a couple of bowls jumped out of the plate cupboard to smash themselves across the cabin floor......add a flying cardboard carton of milk to the mix and I’m sure you’ll get the picture!
The wind was forecast as South 12 knots veering South West 15 knots – but we had South South East all the way and at 25 to 30 knots – we probably wouldn’t have set off if we’d known how stiff the breeze would be.
We are moored outside the security office of the ferry terminal at Nueva Gerona, not sure if we’ve been put here so they can make sure we behave ourselves but it is free of charge for the night.
It’s a lovely little town, virtually no tourism and probably as close as you can get to Fidel’s ideal.  It was certainly ideal for us as we’ve managed to buy some veggies and fruit from the handcarts the local merchants push around......and at very reasonable (non tourist) prices.
We have been told we have to move on tomorrow as this is a commercial port and not really suitable for yachts (as the black tyre fender marks indicate on our hull) but we have become a central attraction for the port workers and the numerous security staff!
This side of Cuba is more sheltered from the ‘Northers’, strong winds that rattle down from Canada almost weekly and made life a little uncomfortable for us on Moonstone in the Havana marina.  I will scour the charts tonight to find an isolated but sheltered cay where we can anchor for a couple of days and snorkel.