Nearly Goodbye to Maine

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Wed 5 Sep 2018 01:01
“43:07.853N 70:38.661W”
Time to move on but not too quickly.  This morning we left beautiful Long Cove on the north of Southport Island to take a northerly breeze and head south west.  We left at 0600 and by noon the forecasted breeze had failed to materialise so it was another day under engine.  There was a lot of sunshine and but unfortunately by mid afternoon also a lot of nasty biting flies.....even though we were five miles offshore......who knows where they come from?
We turned tonight into York, Maine, riding the end of a fast and furious flood tide into the compact harbour and turning against the flow to pick up a mooring before tranquillity resumed aided by a glass of wine!