Fast passage to Los Morros

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Thu 14 Jan 2016 19:30
“21:54.075N 84:54.438W”
We left wet and windy Cayo Lavisa yesterday and headed under genoa SW down Cuba’s reef strewn coast in a nice 20 knot breeze accompanied by a rolly sea.   The night passage was pretty uneventful apart from wrapping the mizzen halyard around the blades of our wind generator.....the unravelling of which had to be left until we were securely moored and the boat stopped rolling.
On the way down we saw no offshore Cuban fishing boats ...... probably to stop them doing a runner!
It was a bit of a stressful night knowing at some point we would have to find a break in the reef in order to make port especially as the weather was deteriorating and becoming unsafe for rounding the western point of Cuba.  In the end we made a good choice of reef breaks but as we entered the pass, watching the echo sounder depths leap up from 380 metres to 8 metres in a matter of boat lengths was still unnerving.
So here we are moored to a concrete pier (The Marina Cabo San Antonio!) in Los Morros, there’s 25 knots of wind blowing from the other side of the pier carrying spray and seaweed over Moonstone and the harbour master has told us that when the wind shifts 180 degrees tomorrow morning we have to move our berth to the other side of the pier and...... if the wind moves to the north we have to anchor behind some mangroves four miles away but they are going to hang onto our ship’s papers so that we have to come back and pay the marina’s Cuba!