In the wilderness!

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Sun 31 May 2015 22:56
“35:33.67N 76:28.48W”
Judging by our co-ordinates you would be forgiven for thinking that we’d abandoned Moonstone to trek across the US but no we are definitely afloat up a creek off the Pongo River in the depths of North Carolina. 
We are 50 nautical miles from the open sea and the water here is ‘tea’ coloured from all the tannin that’s leached out of the vegetation.  The shore looks very swampy although there are large pine and cypress forests......apparently there are not only black bears but also red wolves, alligators and bald eagles.....Claire is keeping all the hatches closed tonight!
On the plus side the local scallops and blue crabs are absolutely delicious!