02:21.57N 47:26.05W

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Sat 12 Jul 2014 09:39

The generator has packed up, not a big deal but now we can’t make fresh water.  Five very hot hours were spent in the lockers and bilges checking / blowing through smelly diesel lines only to discover the fuel pump is knackered…….oh well we’ll just have to put into a port in French Guiana to top up the tanks so it’s not a panic situation as we’ve plenty of water on board and we’re only two days away but until then we’ll just not have to wash that often!

Then we thought we’d start the main engine to charge the batteries……..wrong!  The engine wouldn’t start, a quick clean of the starter solenoid terminals and she started….phew…..but the solenoid may need a closer inspection when the engine has cooled down.

Challenges, challenges that’s what we thought we enjoyed when we were working but now we’re retired we’re not so sure about some of them!

So peace at last, the wind has faded and the sails are slightly flapping as Moonstone lazily rolls on the swell but we are still making over 7 knots over the ground and at least we are not trying to go the other way against this current - something is going right!