A welcome break in Block Island

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Wed 27 Jun 2018 01:20
“41:11.474N 71:34.561W”
After four weeks of intensive work on Moonstone she was launched and off we headed for Maine.......there’s been a few problems including an engine cooling water fault and a fridge that no longer refrigerates.......the list goes on but we shan’t bore you!  Whilst working on the boat in Worton Creek we stayed at beautiful Chestertown MD in our friend’s new carriage house down by the Chester River.
We sailed north via the C&D canal, down the Delaware River and into Cape May (including a close encounter with a bridge and our VHF antenna).   We then headed north towards New York (and a close encounter with a dredger in the night) and enjoyed a return trip up the Hudson River to Manhattan and onto the East River past Brooklyn and onto Port Washington in Long Island Sound. 
Surprisingly for the east coast of the USA we have managed to find decent breezes and been able to sail rather than motor.  Today had an enjoyable passage (and a close encounter with a US Navy Submarine) from Connecticut to Block Island where we are intending to spend a little time ashore relaxing before heading out to Cape Cod and onto Maine.