08:27.05N 56:39.95W

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Sat 19 Jul 2014 18:28

Last night was very uncomfortable, we were rolling heavily in a big sea with only 5 knots of wind; the sails were goosewinged and we were only achieving 1,5 knots. 

Before it went dark the wind disappeared completely and we were becalmed. We quickly got fed up with the slatting and banging of the sails so we dropped them and drifted quietly. After an hour or so there was a torrential downpour that lasted half an hour before the breeze reappeared……..so we raised sail but before long we had to reduce sail as the wind built in strength so we put in a reef……and then another as the wind built to F6………we were hurtling along on a broad reach for another half hour then the wind dropped and veered 1800 so we had to gybe, not quick when you’ve got the mainsail and mizzen tied out with boom preventers…….then the wind backed 900 so we had to gybe again, there was lots of bad language……then it disappeared completely!  By then the sea had built up and we were rolling from beam end to beam end………a couple of bowls were smashed when they escaped as a cupboard door catch broke loose and the night turned into battle to retain both our patience and sanity as we rolled and crashed about but by dawn everything was calm and peaceful.