Cayo Cochino Grande, Honduras

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Sat 4 Jun 2016 00:24
“15:58.359N 86:28.858W”
We sailed a little south today in the company of our Dutch friends on ‘SV Rafiki’ to this stunning little island about 10 miles off the mainland of Honduras.  The island is high and steep sided and densely wooded making it a green gem in an azure sea.   There are a few fishermen's’ huts along the beach and a couple of them have paddled over in their canoes to sell us fish, offered to cook us diner and sell us jewellery made from either cow’s horn / coconut or shark’s teeth.  The high mountains running along the Honduras coast dominate the horizon and we expect to be entertained again tonight by a spectacular lightning storm over the peaks that starts shortly after it goes dark