Baltimore and Annapolis

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Mon 12 Oct 2015 12:43
"38:57.73N 76:28.90W"

After a week in historic Baltimore, sheltering from the hurricane Joaquín that thankfully never arrived on the US coast, we headed to Annapolis the US boating mecca just in time for the annual Sailboat Show.

Though we prefer to anchor we took a marina berth at Fells Point in Baltimore where we met some great liveaboards who were incredibly helpful and friendly.

The Annapolis boat show is similar to any other boat show but bigger. After trawling all the stands for bits and pieces we had time to look on board a couple of the bigger yachts......predictably we got a bit of the 'I wants' but we will soon be over it.

The weather is getting much cooler and it is distinctly chilly at night. We were planning to lift Moonstone out of the water before we left the Chesapeake so that the bottom could be repainted, but that idea is rapidly fading......let's go south instead.

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