Florida again......I should Cocoa!

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Fri 23 Nov 2018 00:53
“28:21.069N 80:43.172W”
The wind died around St Augustine so we abandoned the ocean and headed into the Intra Coastal Waterway once again.  We spent our first night anchored the ancient Spanish fort before opening the throttle and racing down the waterway along with the Canadian “snowbird” navy heading for the heat.
Last night we anchored in the Halifax River at Daytona, this followed an exciting but unnecessarily stressful 10 minutes extricating ourselves off the mud where I’d managed to temporarily park ‘Moonstone’.
This morning we headed south again down, what we regard as, the bleakest part of the waterway but were rewarded, in addition to the usual dolphins and ospreys, three bald eagles, four manatees, a flock of pink flamingos and finally a dead turkey (it’s Thanksgiving!)  
So tonight we are anchored at Cocoa, an enjoyable case of deja vu.