Peaceful anchorages

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Mon 9 Apr 2018 00:18
“35:31.783N 76:37.244W”
We have a little conflict of interests......our need to catch a flight out of Philadelphia on the 23rd April and our desire to enjoy remote and tranquil anchorages.   Yesterday we had a day off from travelling, the weather forecast was grim enough to give us the excuse to hide away, enjoy a morning in bed and spend the rest of the day with a good book and a glass of wine or two.  We were surrounded by wooded shore with an osprey, several dolphins and a trio of ducks for company......wonderful.
The grim weather arrived in the night and 3.30am I was on deck trying to secure a noisy frapping rope whilst in the rain in a howling wind and an air temperature of 6C.
Today after the wind dropped a little we motored out over a lumpy sea with the wind on the nose to Belhaven NC where we have found a tranquil calm anchorage for the night.