Port Antonio, Jamaica

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Wed 23 Mar 2016 20:39
“18:10.879N 76:27.295W”
After another happy month exploring the Cuban coast and towns we sailed out of Santiago de Cuba just as President Obama finished making his address to the Cuban people......unfortunately the Spanish translator was so loud we couldn’t make out what he was saying but at the least applause sounded very enthusiastic.
We had a good sail riding a weather front almost due south so we made a quick passage arriving at 9am local time.  On the way a rather large wave slopped into our cockpit and down into the aft cabin where I was taking my off watch sleep.  Of course the bedding (and occupant) was soaked with sea water so our first job after clearing in with immigration, health and customs was to use the laundry at the marina.  The marina is named after Errol Flynn who lived here during the fifties entertaining many famous film stars on his island just across from the anchorage.
The town is close by but we are going to leave exploring it until tomorrow and instead go to bed early to catch up on last night’s lost sleep.