No longer Tropical

Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Tue 17 Feb 2015 22:08
We are no longer in the tropics!  We crossed latitude 23:26.15N that marks the sun’s summer migration last night and left the Tropic of Cancer – it felt distinctly chilly and for the first time since we crossed the equator southbound we kitted out in snugs and jackets for last nights deck watches.
After a very fast (for us) trip up from Mayaguana (146NM in 24 hours) our arrival at George Town on Great Exuma was slowed down considerably when we went up the wrong alley across the reef and had to wait at anchor for an hour for sufficient tide before we retraced our track and took the correct cut.   Never mind we are here now but we’ve got to puzzle out how we are going to get across the next set of reefs and banks to make further progress north and west. 
Before we left Mayaguana we happened to look over the side of Moonstone and there was a large shark (well large compared to one in the aquarium at Plymouth) circling the boat. I think we are having second thoughts on merits of snorkelling!