Moonstone of Aberdour
Allan and Claire Foster
Tue 3 May 2016 22:55
“16:27.317N 85:52.180W”
Wow what a strange island, not many people seem to live on it, the majority (12,000 I believe) are living on a small cay called Bonacca out in the bay and it is tiny, no more than 1/2 mile in diameter.  They are crammed in houses on stilts and use canals and boats to move their goods.  There are no cars and water taxis dash every where and it is the capital of Guanaja.
If you zoom in on the Google map with Moonstone’s latest flag on it and look closely a mile to the south west of us you’ll see the cay full of houses and surrounded by fishing boats.
We arrived this morning feeling a little tired probably as our last night at sea had been very rolly and uncomfortable making it nigh impossible to get a good sleep but we are here now and we can relax for as long as we like.......or until Claire tells me that I have to go shopping.