Land in sight!

Familien Svellingen på Seiltur
Tom og Christine Svellingen
Sat 22 May 2010 12:19
Position 38:23N 29:29W
The last full day on the way dawned with the morning Dolphin Show. As with Safari who is 60 miles behind us (Tome won'tt have to buy a Bavaria afterall) Maggy has had some of the same dolphins for several days seemingly escorting her in to Horta: Shadow has a white shadow on her dorsal fin, RaggyChaps has a patch of of loose skin flapping on her fin, Little Shadow is a smaller version of Shadow. They are with us off and on all day.
Today we also saw WHALES!!! Three of them! The first two sighted about 20 meters off the starbord beam and disappearing fast behind us. Troels and Tom leaped from their bunks at the cry of Whales from the cockpit to come topsides and see.With all eyes on deck we  also soon spotted another one off the port stern quarter, too. That made everyones day happy. Moana was nearly 'orgasmic' with joy! "It affects me this way almost everytimeI see them.
The weather is cold cold cold even with the daylight sun wool hats,mittons and longjohns are a must but watching the trip teller run down the miles it seems everyone pretty much wants to be in the cockpit making the most of the time  left underway anyway.
We had a little clean up job in the afternoon. We've been wondering about the source of small puddles accumulating on the aft cabin floor. Well, it appears 13 cans of coke and carib have exploded under the floorboards. A messy messy job to clean up, Tom and Karen attacked with vigor washing everything down-even the cans. Tom fought the seasickness the smell starting releasing and now everything is stored where it "should" (now can be) stored -the fridge. Cold beer anyone?
Timed to be finished in time for the last sunset everyone assembled in the cockpit balancing plates on their laps with knives and forks to enjoy the last fillets(beef with onions), fresh salad and baked apples.Good timing & provisioning-the salad also used the last tomatoes and lettuce!. With dinner done our dlphins came rght on time for the Sunset Dinner&Dolphin Show and put on a fantastic show. Jumping right in front of the sun as it was setting lighting the sky with a backdrop of pinks and orange, they stayed with Maggy for 15 miutes. They were right on time I swear they planned it that way!
The day ended with Raj and Tom doing the dishes so Karen could enjoy that's one GOOOOD cup of coffee in the cockpit as the colors diesd out and stars came out. Troels headed for his bunk with a request to be woken early to get an ekstra hour on the wheel his last night and Moana dreamed of whales....The day was a perfect finale of the trip.
Now at 430am saturday (still on st.martin time) of the last day underway the sun is up...also the wind and The Maggy To Horta Express is trucking along at 8 knots. She is like a horse going for the barn- Maggy 'smells' her harbor and is racing to be quietly tied up on the docks. At this speed she is racing along at now she may even have time for a good hosedown, too, in time for happy hour at the most famous meeting point/wateringhole in the Atlantic: Peters Sports Bar and Troels can put on his long awaited Red Pants-the badge of sailers who have crossed.  ETA Horta Immigration docks: 6pm lokal time. Champagne, INDOOR SHOWERS and beds that don't move await.
0630 - investigating a funny shaped cloud Moana and Karen simultaneously cried out : LAND IN SIGHT !!!!