6. day on the Atlantic

Familien Svellingen på Seiltur
Tom og Christine Svellingen
Tue 11 May 2010 12:15
We've had fantastic sailing the last day. We've done average more than 7 knots, with only 10 knots wind and calm sea. Everyone has had a terrific time relaxing and enjoying the ride.
Right now the wind has eased up even more, and we're moving slowly ahead at 5 knots. We are expecting even less wind and motoring through the day. This afternoon we're supposed to pass through a front, and that may not be as comfortably as we would like it, but there seems to be no way around.
We've lost two lures to big fishes, but no fish in the galley yet, except the one we brought from St. Martin. We had mahi mahi for dinner last night, and would definately want som more of that!
We've seen quite a few Portugeese Man O' Wars the last couple of days. The kind of take your mind of of swimming! The water is getting colder by the day anyway, so for us beeing used to swim in 27 degrees or more, the current 21 degrees is not to tempting.
We also saw a few dolphins a few days ago, forgot to mention that in the blog. But surprisingly thats the only dolphin spotting this far.
Stay tuned