11. day on the Atlantic

Familien Svellingen på Seiltur
Tom og Christine Svellingen
Sun 16 May 2010 16:23
Position 32:06N 46:49W
Rolling Hills
With a storm system 600 nm farther north we lost our winds yesterday morning and the ocean bore tidings of it-the swells grew bigger and bigger. Looking out over the seas it was like seeing rolling hills in motion. But with no wind Maggy motored on for almost 24 hours rocking and rolling through a fantastic sunset where the new crescent moon with venus brightly shining above it as the light faded and stars came out created a special amosphere in the cockpit. Everyone spent the day sleeping, reading and some fighting seasickness with the new wave action.Moana made pumpkin soup from scratch for us all to try.  Raj tried his fishing luck again (the three hits he has had up to now have all taken the lures with the last one attachted it's now or never. Jokes are made that we can catch up with Safari and trade pancakes for fish...
About midnight the wind started coming up and sails could be raised again. Moana and Raj saw a small pod of 'florescent dolphins' last night. This morning people woke to the gentle flowing movement of the butterflies with the wind finally on our tail. Nice! Maggy is floating along at about 8-9 knots and everyone agrees that we could do this forever...well, in the least - all the way to Horta. This morning Raj 'blew the whistle' when the gps rolled over from 1000 down to 999.9 Eta Faial is in 7 days.