8. day on the Atlantic

Familien Svellingen på Seiltur
Tom og Christine Svellingen
Fri 14 May 2010 18:49
Position 30:48N 52:12W
Bronco riding can get tiring really really fast, catching hold everywhere you can at every movement, thinking out every ove you are going to make, judging the coming moves of maggy as she challenges the waves everything takes three times longer to do so it was nice nice nice when it all started calming down in the late afternoon and life could get back to 'norml onboard.By morning yesterday it was a calm  after a starry starry night-the kind everyone dreams about- thick tropical nights with lots and lots of stars.
Yesterday the sky was already getting light in the east by 3am. It's magic to watch the stars disappear as the horizon slowly gets lighter. If Tom and karen had been looking at the right place at the right time we might even have had a green flash as the sun kissed the morning hello. No clouds on the horizon. A bright beautiful start to a new day. 
By mid morning it was motoring time and the ocean was calm enough to see all the portugese man of wars float by like lillac colored halfmoons. Charming above the surface-no one wants to swim anymore with them around. With the autopilot on duty all day as we motor sailed everyone relaxed. Late afternoon we had a guacamole party in the cockpit (skipper was sleeping...and doesn't like avocados anyway. The sunset was absolutely spectacular with the liquid silver water, pastel colors, at times we couldnt see the difference between the horison and sky in the trolllike atmosphere. Everyrone was spellbound-no one wanted to leve the cockpit. Stars above-stars below-the glowing florescence made it looked like we sailed through stars and as the winds slowly started coming up by 1 am we were floating along on 'butterfly' sails after 16 hours of motoring. An absolutely magical night.