7. day on the Atlantic

Familien Svellingen på Seiltur
Tom og Christine Svellingen
Thu 13 May 2010 11:48
Position 29:01N 56:50W
A Whale of a Day
We seemingly floated along at 6-7 knots into a new a new day with Moana at the helm. That special white light sunrise and perfect sailing conditions made life a pleasure. Moana's sharp eyes spotted the whales blowing on the horison and everyone was up on deck to watch as the spray fountains reached the skies. After a few minutes we saw the large tail raise and hit the surface as it dove. We thought the show was over but no...it surfaced again a little farther starboard and the frequency of the blows said tere must be more than one. We watched for another ten minutes then it was time for Banana Pancakes and a swim. The wind died so almost everyone took their turn swimming in the 23 degree water behind the boat and the ladies even got to wash their hair. Then it was time to start preparing the boat for the coming weather system predicting maybe over 35 knot winds. Sails were chosen, Chili made and then Tom told everyone to get as much sleep as possible as the iron sail moved us closer and closer to the front with anticipation of a long night for everyone in the cockpit. Just before dinner: DOLPINS!!! A whole pod of maybe 15 or twenty were putting on theiir show about 300 meters off the bow. Hoping, jumping, circling around and round they seemed to be fishing and happy, happy happy. With dinner done everyone changed into foul weather gear and took their places in and around the cockpit-Troels in is usual 'highside' position Karen in the walkway over ,the rest in the cockpit.It looked black black black to the northwest... But amazingly it seemed to stay there moving infront of us. We never did get dumped on. And after a couple hours of moderate winds normal shifts were resumed. Tom spent the whole night in the cockpit as Moana and Troels took their turns on the wheel and the the Beaufort 7 (appx 15 sekundmeter) winds drove Maggy through the night. Raj managed to sleep through it all. Karen provided warm drinks and other goodies through lumpy and bumpy night. Dawn brought continued rough seas & a little less wind. Tom retired down below to a softer, warmer bunk and a well deserved rest. Life returns to "normal" rocking and rolling our way into a new day of eating, sleeping and driving when and where we can. Bronco riding seems to be the theme for this next day. YeeHaw..ride em cowboy!