Tuesday 28th May

Tue 28 May 2024 12:21
The weather here in Falmouth has been awful for the last twenty four hours. Grey, overcast and drizzle.
On bank holiday Monday (yesterday) the two mechanics from Coastwise came onto the boat as they promised they would. Despite checking for the obvious problems first, the issue turned out to be a fault with the injector pump. This has now been removed and is with a specialist company to refurbish. We are still waiting to hear how long this will take but we were told that the worst case scenario would be two weeks.
Phil and I have been going through the job list and this is becoming more manageable now.
In order to get ashore, we have been using a water taxi company called 'A2B Water Taxis'. The two guys who have been driving it are both from the West Midlands and they have been more than helpful to us, so a big thanks to them. One has just returned from living in Spain, saying he was getting bored there. I'm sure there is more to that, and we might find out if we have that beer with him as he has suggested.
Leading on from the water taxi, my wife has bought me, or is it for Bellone, a brand new outboard motor which we have collected this morning. A picture is attached!
We are now fully mobile and independent.

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