Noon Wednesday 21st 51:33N 08:42W

Wed 21 Jun 2023 07:08
During the last twenty one hours of the last twenty five, we've had to use the engine, and the wind strength that was predicted for today has yet to turn up. I have been doing some fuel consumption guesstimates(the gauge isn't working unfortunately, even though Ian has changed the sensor unit) and I'm considering calling in at Cork to top up.
Last night demanded a little attention as we we're rounding south-west of Ireland. As predicted, we passed the Fastnet Rock and the TSS*  at 5.30 this morning and so I have been cat napping in the cockpit all morning. But it is a lovely day out here despite the lack of wind.
There were two dawns this morning. The beautiful one with a crimson-red sun coming over the mist filled hills, as that descended into the sea like waterfalls.
And the second, which was the realisation that my little adventure is fast coming to an end!
India is making her recovery after the op, and is hoping to be able to go home today. Let's hope she can.
* The traffic separation schemes (TSS) for ships are like one-way systems for vehicles, and are normally found in areas of congestion. As long as everybody abides by the rules, they work.