Noon Monday 12th 52:20N 11;23W DTG 55 miles

Mon 12 Jun 2023 07:58
Towards mid afternoon yesterday we had quite a community around the boat. There were about a dozen sea gulls, two gannets and a small black and white bird, all swimming, flying and diving around the boat.
It was almost a shame to have to leave them, but leave them we did at about 16.30.
I was having yet another coffee and I saw ripples on the waves and so I thought I'd hoist the jib. It filled and collapsed continuously and so I tried poling it out with the spinnaker pole. It was too long for the job. I thought about lashing it to the weather side, to the mast but it didn't work. I then sat behind the wheel to finish my coffee and the answer was staring me in the face. Use the boom to pole out the jib and that's what I did. It worked well although I did have to use the lazy sheet to give the jib some shape.
Soon afterwards there was enough wind to hoist the main which was easy as it was set up to leeward to pole out the jib.
At three this morning, I was woken by the sails flapping and at 5.30 the engine went on, with 89 miles to go.
ETA is about 2 am tomorrow but we will slow down to make sure we get into the marina in daylight, and then the pub for midday opening.