Noon 15:43N 060:33W

Sun 30 Apr 2023 16:29
I left St Lucia yesterday morning at 9.30. The first few hours were a bit frantic, having to check everything out, untangle lines and re-routing some of them. They have a life of their own, it seems! The twenty four hour run has been slow, only covering 100 miles noon to noon, but the winds have been light as predicted. Yesterday afternoon, evening and night were very pleasant, with the lights of Martinique visible until dawn.
Depressing thought- I saw a plane take off at around 9pm, and thought that those people will be home by the time the sun rises again.
I was sorely tempted to stay for the bank holiday weekend and celebrate it with some of the people I've met during my stay there, but I'm already heavily overdrawn at the Goodwill Bank.
I must mention two very special people who helped me enormously whilst I was in Rodney Bay. They are Matthew (who knew all the contacts) and Jerry (who made the new mainsail). Both went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you both so much.