Noon Tuesday 20th 52:06N 10:16W

Tue 20 Jun 2023 07:53
Back on the road again after a delightful week in beautiful Dingle. Most of the big jobs have been taken care of apart from the bow- thruster. I did put on a wetsuit and went diving under the boat but when I tried to prise open the hatch, it wouldn't budge. I'm assuming that it has wedged somehow after all the pounding it went through. It will get sorted out when we next come out of the water.
It should take three to four days to get to Pwllheli. Light winds are forecast for today and tomorrow, and strengthening for Friday and Saturday.
At the bottom left and right sides of Ireland are traffic separation schemes (TSS) and they don't like troublesome little yachts in the middle of them so we will have to be extra alert when we approach and pass them. The first one should be around six o'clock tomorrow morning.
Columba's daughter, India, has had a major operation this morning, and as I left Dingle she was still in theatre. We wish her a speedy recovery in the coming few days.