Noon Saturday 10th 52:36N 14:20W DTG 165

Sat 10 Jun 2023 08:08
The sun is trying to shine which is going to help dry out the boat and the damp clothing can go out into the cockpit to air. I have decided to go to a harbour called Fenit which is 20 further on. The reason being that there is a race on this weekend and 42 boats are going to descend on Dingle so there won't be any space there. The problem is the wind is coming dead centre from where I need to go so there will be some tacking this afternoon to make best use of the little wind that's available. We're crawling along at 2 to 3k at the moment and tomorrow is going to be a quiet wind day as well.
I advanced the clocks by two hours this morning at 6 am so we are now on GMT/UTC. The good news is that we went from 6 am to 8 am so there was no time to do any jobs before breakfast at nine.
The fulmars have departed, only to be replaced by some fat ugly seagulls. Still, it must mean I'm getting closer to that pint of Guiness.