Noon Monday 5th 53:27N 25:28W

Mon 5 Jun 2023 09:51
The plan is...! Mat has sent me a weather synopsis for the week ahead and it looks like heavy easterly winds on Thursday with the wind veering a bit over the weekend to south. I have now turned the boat so we are on the port tack and heading south east so that we can deal with the winds on Thursday and hopefully have a beam reach into a port in Ireland on Saturday /Sunday. That's the plan so we'll see how well it does over the next few days.
About five or six days ago, a bird started following the boat. It could be an arctic skua (or just as easily it could be a fulmar) but yesterday there were five of them but not all was bliss. it must be the mating season. Today, there are only two. They follow the boat then have a spell floating on the sea, then back following the boat.
The other night as I sat up as we were passing some weather buoys, after sunset at 8pm, I could see the twilight on the northern horizon as the sun travelled from west to east on the other side of the world, ready for sunrise again.
I was happily tucked up in bed with my cocoa when that happened though.