Noon Sunday 14th 32:12N 59:08W

Sun 14 May 2023 15:33
Despite the weather forecast predicting no or light winds, since eight o'clock this morning we have had a usable breeze from the north-east, and we are making 5.5 kts. Before that for twenty four hours, the engine drove us on at a steady 4kts (@ 1800 r/m) and so we have covered 102 miles but crucially, we are now above 32*N and in a good place for the wind tomorrow, providing the forecast hasn't hasn't changed.
At about ten o'clock his morning there was a gas tanker, a dangerous goods tanker and little old me within a seven mile radius. It was like Clapham Junction on a Friday evening. The gas tanker and Bellone were on a CPA (closest point of approach) of less than a mile but the tanker obligingly altered course a bit to pass two miles astern, as was his responsibility.
It was interesting to note on the pilot chart, that in 1907, a vessel reported a sighting of a growler close to here, and another vessel reported seeing  ice berg in the same vicinity in 1908.
I'm sure climate change has put and end to these bergs travelling so far south.